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Baby Blakes Discharge Pump Top TBB7555
Baby Blakes Toilet Discharge Pump Top
Our Price :
EU €197.45



Part no TBB7555

diagram number 76ALS

As well as Baby Blake spares we can offer spares for the Blake Victory

Some Baby spares are common to the Minor & Victory

Further parts are available - check part numbers against photo above:

Flushing Pump

1) TBB7010 Hose Connection x1
2) TBB7335 Hose Clips x2
3) TBB7345 Bottom Copper Washer x1
4) TBB7340 Top Copper Washer x1
5) TBB7350 Fibre Washer (Spindle) x1
6) TBB7355 Bucket Washer x1
7) TBB7360 1" Leather Washer x1
8) TBB7416 3/8" Lip[ Seal x1

Discharge Pump

9) TBB7365 1/2" Leather Washer x2
10) TBB7370 1 1/2" Leather Washer x1
11) TBB7375 Top Cylinder Joint x1
12) TBB7640 Gland Packing (for both pumps) x1
13) TBB7380 Bucket Washers x2
14) TBB7385 Weighted Rubber Ball x1
15) TBBLIT Handbook x1
16) TBB7390 Pan Joint x1
17) TBB7411 1/2" Lip Seal x1
18) TBB7420 Clack Joint
19) TBB7425 Lead Clack Weight x1
20) TBB7275 3/8" x 1 1/8" S/C Bolt x1
21) SCX6014PB 3/8" Nut (Phos. Bronze) x1
22) Tbb7260 3/8" S/S Washer x1

18 - 22 Makeup TBB7431 Clack Assembly


23) TBB7300 Back Connection Washer x2
24) TBB7395 Fibre Pan Bolt Washers x4
25) TBB400 Hinge Assembly Washers x4
26) TBB7405 Pillar Washers x4

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